Our Top Ten Reasons …

We at The Cocoa & Roast Club love coffee and chocolate. In fact, we love coffee and chocolate even more when combined together.

The coffee and chocolate combination is a classic that has been around for centuries, if not millennia.

This is our top ten reasons why you need coffee and chocolate in your life…

  • Incredible taste: 

The complex flavours of coffee and chocolate are so diverse and wide ranging you will never have the same experience twice! The flavour of the chocolate depends on the soils and climate of where the cacao bean is grown. Then the slow, meticulous process of alkalization, mixing, refining and conching all contribute to create the unique flavours of the bar type. Similarly, coffee needs to be processed, dried, mixed (if it’s a blend) and then roasted. The origin of the coffee bean, the mixture and the roasting process of the coffee blend all guarantee that no roast we source will ever be identical. 

  • Enjoy it your way:

Coffee and chocolate aren’t just made to be enjoyed separately. Experiment with it. Try dropping a cube of chocolate into your black americano for an antioxidant hit! Or create your own luxury chocolate mocha. My personal favourite is a caribbean rum hot chocolate that includes coffee, chocolate and rum!

  • Enjoy the mind altering effects:

When you mix coffee and chocolate both the caffeine from the chocolate and the theobromine from the chocolate (more about that later) kick in and start creating mind altering and mood boosting effects. Both of these alkaloids can cross the  brain blood barrier and cause mood boosting endomorphins to kick in. The caffeine in coffee does its thing by blocking adenosine, a chemical in the brain involved in making you sleepy. It intercepts this adenosine and instead makes you feel alert. 

  • Brain boosting effects:

Caffeine has been shown in numerous studies that depending on the level of intake, it can improve mental performance in alertness, attention and concentration. Similarly, a study of 2000 people showed that cocoa flavonoids in dark chocolate improved cognitive performance! 

  • Rich in antioxidants:

Both coffee and chocolate are rich in antioxidants which have been shown in a number of studies to help fight against multiple different illnesses. Firstly, antioxidants fight against free radical damage in the brain. Great news, dark chocolate has more antioxidants in it that other superfoods such as acai and blackberries. It is only topped by….COFFEE!

  • Help improve well being of growers:

We only work with coffee wholesales and roasters, and chocolatiers/chocolate makers who have sourced their beans responsibly. There are many partnerships out there which now protect farmers and the local biodiversity. Some of the larger ones you will probably know…such as the “Rainforest Alliance” or “Fairtrade Alliance”, however there are a number of smaller ones that all do the same great job of giving  better rates for the farmers, improving the livelihood of the local community and protecting the local biodiversity. You can now enjoy your coffee and chocolate knowing that the people on the farms are also doing better for it 🙂

  • Lower your blood pressure:

Studies have shown that both coffee and chocolate can reduce your blood pressure. All it takes is a single cup of coffee and a cube of dark chocolate (70% or higher) to have a positive effect! Go and get grab that espresso now!

  • Theobromine:

Theobromine is an alkaloid found in the cacao bean. Part of the same family as caffeine it has a nearly identical chemical structure. They both exhibit similar effects as well so it can be easy to get them confused. Doesn’t matter.. .still feels great!

  • Wake Up & Smell the coffee:

Did you know even the aroma of roasted coffee may have an effect on human alertness! A study back in 2008 showed that the smell of coffee made 30 rats more alert compared to that of rats that were not exposed to the aroma of coffee. Why don’t you see for yourself next time you break open your next bag of fresh coffee!  

  • Boost your next workout:

Caffeine has been shown to increase your energy levels if taken directly before a workout. Furthermore studies suggest that coffee increases your metabolism and increases your fat burn rate so that calories burn at an accelerated rate! it also helps you focus to keep you pushing that extra rep or going that extra minute on the treadmill! Have a cube of dark chocolate for that extra energy boost as well.

At The Cocoa & Roast Club you only ever will get the freshest, organic and most luxurious coffee and chocolate available in the UK.  

We roast coffee in 12kg batches only and aim to deliver coffee to your door in under 6 days from roasting to ensure you get the freshest coffee every time.

In addition, every month we source organic chocolate from chocolatiers and chocolate makers, creating a unique experience every month guaranteed!


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